White Trash Delicasies

Work’s been kicking my ass the past few days. I worked ~16 hours today, which included a two hour-long (mediated) fight with a senior coworker, and can’t fathom cooking. Yet I can fathom blogging?

Okay, I asked the hubz if he’d consider fixing something to eat. He said he had given it some thought, but couldn’t come up with anything. That means “I’m not that hungry, so I can’t possibly come up with any meal idea, not even for my starving and overworked wife.”

So I ask him if he can boil some fucking blue box and heat up a can of chili. He supposes he can. I know it sounds like an abortion, but a bowl of mac n’ chee with some Nalley’s dumped on top is pretty damn good. And hey, I use the vegetarian Nalley’s (yes, they actually make that), so I get some good fiber and protein without the “chili meat” that is, I’m pretty sure, only barely legally fit for human consumption.


Box of mac n’ chee
Can of chili
Tater tots
Lawry’s seasoned salt

Cook the box of mac n’ chee according to box directions and/or personal taste. Heat up a can of chili and dump it over the top. Serve with tater tots that have been sprinkled with Lawry’s (optional). Pairs well with a Maker’s and Diet Coke.

Since I really am completely white trash on my insides, I put ketchup on my mac n’ chee. Oh, don’t look at me like that.