Chicken dumpling soup

Scott said “it tastes just like the Amish Kitchen back in Columbus!” I’m pretty sure he meant that in a nice way, but I think the actual Amish would think my dumplings aren’t plain enough, and are of sin.

I had some leftover oven-fried chicken from Friday night, and some leftover gnocchi from Saturday, and am in a shitty mood. I needed some comfort food, with gravy.

Thank god I keep chicken stock in my freezer! I had some fancy-ass Klamath Pearl potatoes, some Sweet Nantes carrots, and a bunch of other shit that doesn’t have a gay name. Ooh, I also had a little leftover gravy from fried chicken night. Onions, thyme, that chicken, and those gnocchi. Stick it in a pot with the stock and gravy on low heat until the potatoes are done (well, add the gnocchi last so you don’t end up with lead slugs).