Curry ramen with mun-cha’i ya

…or, Phoning it In

Yes, that’s packaged ramen. For dinner. See? I can totally phone it in sometimes. And since I joined the Foodbuzz Challenge (as I’m calling it), my posts are going to continue to erode into the hastily-scrawled chicken scratch of a mad woman for the next four weeks.

What is the Foodbuzz Challenge, you might ask? Most of you Foodbuzzed probably got the email and ran the other way, like smart people. I have agreed to post five times a week from August 11 to September 10 so those nice folks at Foodbuzz can see if there’s a correlation between posting frequency and traffic to Foodbuzz. “Quality of Post” is apparently not one of the variables they are examining at this time.

This, friends, is why Japan rules. First, they took ramen, the perfect food, and gave it curry! Also, everything they make is so cute you want to gouge your eyes out with a grapefruit spoon. Look at that little dude! He’s hurrying his little ass off to bring you steaming hot noodles in a glass case. Whilst wearing geta sandals!

Mun-cha’i ya (mock duck) is 100% vegetarian wheat gluten from Taiwan. Don’t back away slowly, it actually tastes pretty good. I already liked seitan, and that’s all this is, but with hilarious bumpy skin texture on it. And it comes with its own gravy! Mmm…gravy. Next time I’m going to try the mock abalone.

So yeah, I made some packaged curry ramen, boiled some potatoes and carrots, and added some canned gluten to it. I dumped a little extra curry gravy mix and togarashi just for shits and gigs. The curry didn’t thicken up like usual until I was almost done eating it, but whatevs.


Hey, man, don’t look at me like that. They’re testing frequency, not quality!