When it rains, it pours

A couple days of rain, and my garden looks like it got ass-up drunk and got in a knife fight with some Clackamas County bitch. Today it dried up enough for me to examine the damage and pick over the ruins. My tomatoes are still a week or two off, fuck! I have two pink toms that just need a little more sunshine and sugar, but they’re looking pretty good. Even though I staggered the plantings, I’m gonna end up with ten bushels all at once (my Portland peeps should let me know if they want some, I’m gonna dry and sauce the bulk). But my peppers looks goood, and I’m keeping them all for myself.

The Anaheims (long, light green) are mild and fresh-tasting, and the anchos (darker, glossy green) are a bit spicier. They’ll be so good fire-roasted.

Summer squash are a daily offering. My zucchini went directly to fetus-sized squash hanging heavy on the vine, and will have to go straight into zucchini bread. Two days of rain takes these little pattypan squash from blossom to fist-sized fruits, ready for the picking. Sliced on the mandoline and marinated in a warm, garlicky anchovy vinaigrette, they go soft like noodles.

And these lil’ baby pattypans? Hell, I’m just picking them with the blossoms still on, gonna batter and fry ’em right up. The big ones will get diced up and added to a spicy saute or a nice succotash.

I think tomorrow I’ll make chile rellenos with blue corn pudding and calabasitas. Maybe I’ll throw in some shredded, poached chicken. Stay tuned.