Curry popcorn with dried cranberries

Yes, I’m posting popcorn. On a Friday morning. After the harried 5-times-a-week Foodbuzz challenge, I decided to take a wee break after the 10th. I’m still trying to figure out if I can/want to keep up the pace indefinitely.

So for today, I show you one of my favorite afternoon snacks. When I’m at the office, with no kitchen, and I need to graze (the only cure for the afternoon sleepies that doesn’t require me to leave the building), I sometimes hit the snack box for a pick-me-up.

With so many people in our office trying to “be good” (why does eating food that bores us and makes us feel deprived equate to “being good”?), I have a hard time wrapping my mind around why we have one of those temptation boxes full of candy, meat “stix” and chips. You put a dollar in the box and take a snack. The only thing in there that won’t give you diabetes is microwave popcorn. I put in a dollar and take my envelope of nutriment to the microwave.

Shake a little curry powder on top, toss in some dried fruit (always the diligent locavore, I like “craisins”) and trudge back to my desk to finish up that EIS for Some Big Client.

I do have more interesting things to talk about, I swear. This weekend looks promising.