Albacore tuna melt with dill havarti

Today was the first weekend day that Scott and I didn’t go out to eat in I don’t know how long. Yesterday we failed at our mushroom foray – that’s what I get for trying a new spot. Next weekend we’ll go to Old Faithful, I guess. Today, though, I decided to make the most of another day of sunshine autumn perfection. I threw open the kitchen windows, put on my old checkered apron and rolled up my sleeves to can all of my tomatoes into sauce (red and yellow tomato sauce and some Bolognese) and green tom pickles, some roasted red bell peppers in olive oil, and 2 gallons of good, rich chicken stock.

All that work makes a girl hungry! But when the kitchen is in a fucking state, all I can usually muster is a tuna sammich. That, however, does not mean I’m gonna eat some mushy “chicken of the sea”. Au contraire. I had a fresh loaf of organic French batard, a can of good albacore and the last of my wedge of local dill Havarti. Some chopped capers and the tenderest white celery (I love the center ribs), a swab of mayo and spicy brown mustard and lunch is on.

I love tuna salad. Are you fucking kidding me? It’s the best sammich. Well, the tuna melt is the best sammich. But even plain old, cold tuna salad with chopped celery and onion is a great lunch. Scott doesn’t like raw onion in anything (I think he might be a supertaster – he also dislikes many crucifers), because it blasts out his palate and he’ll taste nowt else. Hot mustard and wasabi do the same to him. They’re also crucifers, for what it’s worth.

Oh, but a tuna melt. Thick slab of soft bread, adorned with heavy forkfuls of sumptuous tuna salad and grated dill Havarti on top. Into the toaster oven – in the middle rack for three minutes to warm through and get melty, then move it to the bottom for one minute so the bread can get really toasty. It’s not in the picture, but in addition to the spicy pickle, serve with salt and vinegar potato chips and a frosty glass of lemonade. Good times.

Then get my ass back to work. Day of rest, my ass!

Edit: I’m sending this over to Amy and Jonny at We Are Never Full for Weekend Herb Blogging. It’s finally their turn to host!