The 2008 Tillamook Mac & Chee Cook-off

…or, wherein I find out that Ilan Hall is actually super nice, and pretty funny in real life. He totally forgave me for making fun of him and everything (for the record, he is NOT afraid of starfucking fangirls, and isn’t into the dick. He was just trying to sleep when I tried to prank him). When he opens Gorbles (his coming-soon restaurant in LA – Scottish and Jewish!), go give him lots of your money and eat his bacon-wrapped matzo balls.

So, last Thursday was the 2008 Tillamook Macaroni & Cheese Cook-Off. It’s the 100-year anniversary of Tillamook Dairy, so I think their PR firm really busted out all the stops. Next year I’ll enter a recipe, but this year I attended to cheer on fellow blogger and hottie Catherine Wilkinson of The Dish. She hasn’t been blogging much these days, but she doesn’t have any kids left to get sick or married, so she thinks she might be getting her groove back soon.

Catherine didn’t win the cash money prize, but she did win the Widmer Brothers (local beer-makers) Brewmasters Choice award. One of you is saying “boo-urns”, but the rest of you are saying “boo.” And rightly so. Fuck sake, even the god-fearing dairy farmers and cheese-makers themselves voted for hers!

The Josis of Wilsonview Dairy

I also got to meet the Dairy Princess. For some reason, I was completely smitten with her (seriously, I have like 6 pictures of her), and wanted to see her get a little drunk. Such boorish behavior never befits a princess, though, and she was, in fact, a perfect lady all evening.

Look at Catherine’s mac & chee. It’s truly boner-making, isn’t it? The fuck is up with some weird mac & chee sweet potato casserole winning? It was good, sure, but I really wonder if it wasn’t just the Oregonian penchant for bong hits doing the voting here.

There were about a dozen or so judges, and the event on the whole was really well-attended. This was a good thing, as I passed out about a million of my Foodbuzz blog cards. I’m still waiting for that sweet spike in blog traffic. Yep, any day now….

Anyway, she was a really good sport about it. I don’t know what I would’ve done. Prolly gotten drunk and pulled someone’s hair. Or tried to make out with the Dairy Princess.