Month: November 2008

Foxy Brown

Some of you have been asking about this Hot Brown that I declared I would make with leftover turkey, and I’m gonna tell you all about it. The Hot Brown is a sandwich created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, created in the 1920s […]

Turkey Confit Hash with Sweet Potato Latkes

Okay, since yesterday was such an ordeal (and I missed the daylight cutoff for decent photos), I’m parsing out the leftovers to eke out as much blogging as possible for my trouble. This morning we enjoyed the leftover sweet potato latkes (more like a large […]

A-Game 2008

I’ve got so much work ahead of me, but I’m making some progress. It’s not too late! I spatched my turkey and the legs and wings are confiting in the oven, the breasts are tied and chillin’ in a brine of coriander and fennel seed (from the garden), satsuma oranges and kefir lime leaves (with a splash of old Pinot), and the kabocha and kuri squashes for my tart are roasting along with the quinces and cranberries for the chutney. I have prepped my carrots and am gearing up to make the custard for my ice cream – if I could only decide which ice cream to make! It’s a toss-up between black peppercorn (with a sprinkle of Bolivian pink salt) or young ginger and honey.

Menu (subject to change without notice):

Rosemary-Concorde pear focaccia with cheese curds
Chanterelle bisque with fresh turmeric and caramelized onions
Mixed green salad with honeycrisp apples, Brindisi and balsamic-honey vinaigrette
Haricots verts au gratin with king oyster mushrooms
Glazed carrots with young ginger
Turkey confit hash with sweet potato latkes
Roasted turkey breast with quince-cranberry chutney
Mashed potatoes with roasted shallot-thyme gravy
Garlic and herb savory bread pudding
Kabocha and kuri squash tart with ____ ice cream (I’m leaning toward the peppercorn)

I guess that looks like plenty after all. Okay, back to the kitchen with me – the wine’s starting to kick in.

One of those casseroles, revisited

I am hell of tired after working a 12.5 hour day, 6 hours of which were spent with the client (and although this is a good client that I like, I tire of my own good behavior and mouth-watching after about 45 minutes). I came […]

A Tale of Two Casseroles

I’ve been cooking and eating a lot of casseroles and gratins lately. My little white Corningware vessel hasn’t seen this much action since the Ford administration. Out of all of my crockery, it’s by far my favorite. Not just because of nostalgia for Grandma Laverne’s […]

Brussels Sprouts Almandine

I don’t know what’s in the water, but I’ve been craving foods that are much maligned by children across the nation. Brussels sprouts and tuna casserole were both on the menu this week, but rather than risk losing valuable readership busting out both at once, I’m parsing this out.

The fruit stand by our house (not a farmer’s market, mind you) has a giant box of Brussels sprouts, still on the stalk, sitting out on SE 28th. I was out for a stroll last week and decided to bring a stalk home. I do love Brussels sprouts, and Scott recently admitted that ones he’d tasted didn’t disgust him (and he’d just learned about the novel stalk-growth), so I figured I’d strike while the iron’s hot.

I trimmed a bowlful of them off the stem, and started shaving them on the mandoline to make that salad in the November Gourmet. WAY too much work. I got through about 5 of them and switched gears. I just quartered the rest of them, quickly steam-blanched them and tossed them with walnut oil and salt. I incorporated the shaved bits and some finely ground almonds, and stuck the whole lot into the oven until the shaved bits and almonds were crispy-toasty brown and the sprouts had gone tender and nutty.

I never met a food I didn’t like when I was a kid, but isn’t it funny how some dislikes really stick with us as adults? Amy and Jonny’s veal liver really brought out the picky kid in a lot of foodies, and I’m sure I’ll get my share of people admitting they never liked Brussels sprouts. But isn’t part of being a grown-up the power to try doing things your own way? Roast a Brussels sprout instead of boiling it all to fuck, and tell me it’s not damn tasty.

Ham Bikkies

The other night we were talking about how to use the too-much ham we had (why do they only sell it in huge hunks?), and Scott mentioned something like “what about ham sliders on biscuits?” It’s not often that he actually a) suggests something for […]

Sweet Potato Poutine

For those of you who didn’t know, there’s such a thing in this wonderful world as poutine. As far as I can surmise, it is only found in Canada (though some asshole in Jersey is trying to pass off some bullshit Disco Fries as a […]

Cooking Mama Kills Animals

I love Cooking Mama. It’s better on the DS than on the Wii, but still hell of fun. Enjoy this fun Flash version, compliments of our good friends at PETA! (I removed the game from this page because the screaming and music are annoying after the twentieth time.)

Breakfast Sammich v2.0

Janelle gave me some of her hens’ eggs a week or two ago. They’re so lovely – different sizes and shades of tawny and heather-gray. The yolks are saffron-orange and salute proudly on the hot pan. But the best thing about these little beauts is […]