Ham Bikkies

The other night we were talking about how to use the too-much ham we had (why do they only sell it in huge hunks?), and Scott mentioned something like “what about ham sliders on biscuits?” It’s not often that he actually a) suggests something for dinner, especially when it’s b) something that isn’t fried chicken or fish and chips. I always honor his suggestions as a way of encouraging him to come up with more dinner ideas, but it’s still a completely random event, and my coddling is really patronizing.

This time, though, he really fucking nailed it. I elaborated upon his idea by baking fresh buttermilk biscuits (adorably called bikkies by our good friends down under), and topping the ham with caramelized onions, aged fontina, lettuce and some good, grainy mustard.

We didn’t even have any leftover for breakfast the next day. Surprised?