Turkey Confit Hash with Sweet Potato Latkes

Okay, since yesterday was such an ordeal (and I missed the daylight cutoff for decent photos), I’m parsing out the leftovers to eke out as much blogging as possible for my trouble. This morning we enjoyed the leftover sweet potato latkes (more like a large hashbrown) with some of the shredded turkey confit and the ubiquitous fried egg. I spooned over some of the king oyster mushroom Béchamel from the haricots verts au gratin (some of you may have figured out that this is just green bean casserole).

This is just the beginning, and dare I say I’m likely to have more fun with the leftovers than with the original meal. I just want to declare now, in case anyone beats me to the post, that I’m totally making hot browns for dinner tomorrow. I called it. Then will come turkey phở, then I’ll be in the field for a week fretting over my leftovers.