Quebec may have poutine, but we in Portland have a wondrous thing called totchos. They are effectively nachos, intelligently substituting the mundane tortilla chip with tater tots, and they are as good as they fucking sound. Suck it, Quebec.

Totchos have many uses: first, doy – they’re nutritious and gluten-free; second, they cure PMS and SAD; and third, they’re the perfect gift for that special Atkins dieter that you’ve been dying to piss off.

Mine are the high-falutin’est totchos you’ll likely see, but that’s okay. They’re good old Ore-Ida Tater Tots®* (are there even any other kind?) sprinkled liberally with Lawry’s, then topped with a mélange of Mexi-esque goodness: refried beans, pre-grated “Mexi” cheese (a combo of ched and jack), sour cream, chopped cilantro, onion and scallions, sliced black olives and a goodly glug of salsa (we were actually out of salsa, and i had to make some by pulsing some of my canned heirloom toms with a couple serrano chiles, some chopped onion and garlic, some cilantro and S&P. I added a little splash of vinegar for good mezh).

*omfg did you see that there is actually a link there to a recipe called Tater Tots Tuna Pie?!? I’m totally dying over it. The link is broken, but I might hafta reinvent this for the sake of Science. Also, did you know that Tater Tots come in two sizes: 32oz or FIVE POUNDS.

Serve with bong hits, Coke Zero and Super Mario Galaxy.