Month: May 2017

Tea Loaf of the Week

Tea loaf of the week! Lemon-poppyseed buttermilk cake with lemon peel that I candied for holiday baking. I’ll serve it with rhubarb-carrot marmalade at my writers’ group this evening. #ambaking #whenlifegivesyoulemons #cake A post shared by Heather Arndt Anderson (@heatherarndtanderson) on May 25, 2017 at […]

Loco Moco

Had a leftover Nicky Farms venison patty and some leftover rice, so I made loco moco of course! Topped with ramen broth gravy (added the veggie pack from some @nongshimusa Shin Ramyun for kick), backyard egg, homemade tamago-nori furikake, served with a little side salad […]

Put Down the Pitchforks and Pick Up the Corn Dogs

Eat Corn Dogs and Not Your Words
Mark Quemada

Shit’s been getting pretty real in Portland food media lately. The sudden closure of a two-Becky-owned burrito joint has caused indignant accusations of cultural appropriation (both from the “how dare you, sir” and “what’s the big deal” sides), widening the rift between SJWs and white supremacists. A prominent restaurant blogger publishes his Best of/Most Overrated list, drawing a veritable Player Haters’ Ball, with people taking potshots at the unsuspecting winners and losers on said list and others grabbing their popcorn and settling in to watch it all go down. Oregon’s Largest Newspaper blithely implies that a local pizza joint uses pot and/or butter in their sauce, and Portlanders can’t decide which allegation is more offensive.

Come on, people.

In these tense, contentious times of Portland food media, I think it’s important that we all remember that it’s just food. It’s just fucking food, man. It doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t have to be precious. It doesn’t even have to be good. It’s okay if we don’t take it all so seriously all the time.

Before all this nonsense broke out, I’d written a silly little corn dog power ranking. For those of you suffering from outrage fatigue, I hope you enjoy.

Rabbit Jambalaya

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT YOU GUYS! I’m now creating content and developing recipes for @nicky.usa’s new retail line! So I get to play with lots of beautiful meats and share with you all the dishes I come up with! For my first post, I wanted to use […]

31 of Portland’s Oldest Restaurants

I wrote a thing for Eater on some of the oldest joints in Portland. They’re not all ones you’ve heard of, either! Check it out here. Hopefully they’ll let me add more at some point — there are a ton more I’d have loved to have […]

Leftovers Surprise

Chocolate Chip-Marmalade Bread

Baked a loaf of my favorite chocolate chip-marmalade bread for this rainy spring day. Chocolate and oranges forever. #ambaking #brownisbeautiful #selfcare #rainydaydreamaway . . . . . . #teacake #quickbread #marmalade #chocolatechips #notglutenfree #therapy #foodnetwork #foodandwine #huffposttaste #bareaders #f52grams #food52 #instafood #instagood #thekitchn A post […]

Rhubarb-Purple Carrot Marmalade

Was inspired during a conversation with @plumtreejam about rhubarb last week; my wheels got spinning about carrot marmalade and things of that springtime ilk, and I crafted a small (seven ha'pint) batch of rhubarb-purple carrot marmalade with ginger (orange and lemon zest/juice for extra acidity). […]

Hustle and Dough

A new documentary about James Beard omits two of the most important people in his life: his family’s private chef, Jue Let, and his BFF, fellow cookbook author and highly underrated food writer Helen Evans Brown. Otherwise, a fine biography. Read my review of the film James Beard: America’s First Foodie here.

Hop To It

  I wrote about the history of hop farming and Chinese hop farmers in Oregon.