Month: June 2017

A Brief History of Tuna Casserole

I wrote a spirited defense (and history) of tuna casserole for Taste. Check it out!

Wasting Away Again

Slushy margarita part deux: good tequila, @goyafoods frozen tamarind pulp (from Dashen International Market on 30th/Glisan), lime juice, honey, ice, with a sprinkle of Sarah's Volcano Sparkles™ gifted to me from @spicymarshall #margaritas #drinkglobally A post shared by Heather Arndt Anderson (@heatherarndtanderson) on Jun 25, […]

Buffalo Ribeye Flatbreads

Grilled Nicky Farms bison ribeye with grilled flatbread; a gremolata of carrot tops, mint, and lovage flowers (all from the garden), lemon juice and garlic; quick-pickled ramps and green strawberries; opal basil flowers, parsley flowers, and salad burnet from the garden; purple cauliflower and carrot roots. The bison is available directly from @nicky.usa! (The weather is super iffy so I grilled from the comfort of my own kitchen on @finexcookware) #dinnertonight #eatprettyfood #meatconcierge 🌸 🌱 🍖 🌸 🌱 🍖 #food #foodpics #foodstagram #instafood #food52 #f52grams #flowers #meat #buffalo #steak #bison #beautifulfood #bareaders #foodandwine #huffposttaste #thekitchn #paleo #pesto #gardenlove #fathersday #dinner

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Pistachio-Rose Cake from the City of Roses

Teacake du jour: baklava-inspired! Equal parts hazelnut meal and AP flour, pistachios, extra butter and egg for richness, sweetened with @portlandsyrups Rose Cordial and @oldbluerawhoney bigleaf maple honey, studded with pistachios. When it came out of the oven I soaked it in @thomasandsonsdistillery White Rose […]

Miyazaki Style Sushi Salad

The boy wanted Spaghetti-Os, so I fixed myself a Miyazaki-style sushi salad (krab, iceberg, kewpie) bolstered by a little omelet and cucumber-hijiki sunomono, plus a little rice (shrimp-nori furikake) and miso. It might look light, but I got all turnt on @gueropdx for lunch today […]

The Four Top: Episode 20

How have grocery stores changed, and what will they look like in the future? Will cured meat and raw milk really kill you? And have celebrity chef shows grown more serious?

Listen to “The Four Top” on Spreaker.

Episode 20 of “The Four Top” from June 5, 2017, features Michael Ruhlman, Camas Davis, and yours truly (wherein I womansplain to Ruhlman that it was actually Portland’s own Fred Meyer, not Walmart, was the first multi-department superstore…and it came a full fifty years earlier).

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Pork Brisket is a Thing

A beautiful @tailsandtrotters pork brisket (it's a thing!) resting after smoking and slow-roasting. I'll slice it up and serve it with orzo pilaf (smoked zucchini, peppers, herbs from the garden, smoked Russian cheese, pine nuts). #dinnertonight #meatconcierge 🍖 🍖 🍖 🍖 🍖 #pork #meat #bbq […]