Month: September 2017

Autumny Stuff

AN AUTUMNAL FEAST for dinner: pumpkin risotto (homegrown New England sugar pumpkin) cooked in smoked guinea hen stock with Misty Mountain lobster mushrooms and chanterelles (friends of @nicky.usa, will be at Wild About Game!), bacon, toasted pepitas and fried sage from the garden. Second shot: […]

Guinea Hen Miến Gà

I have a cold! ??? so I made a big pot of miến gà with more of that wonderful Grimaud Farms guinea fowl (one of the @nicky.usa #wildaboutgame proteins!). It's just one more way to enjoy chicken noodle soup (glass noodles, lots of garlic, ginger, […]

America’s Oldest Tofu-Ten

I wrote about the history of Ota Tofu for Roads & Kingdoms. They’ve been in Portland for more than a century.



Doro Whit

Teeny doro wat with @maryschicken Cornish game hen and quail eggs; yekik alicha (yellow split pea stew); yabesha gomen using my @imperfectproduce Swiss chard; and itty bitty injeras. The injera is hella from scratch: ground @bobsredmill teff grains and fermented the batter for four days. […]

The Celery Incident

I’m kind of losing it because food editor Sam Sifton shouted out my celery piece in the New York Times‘ “What to Cook Tonight” today. The food editor of the New York Times. He recommended something I wrote. /faints


I usually get the open-faced hot turkey sandwich (it’s covered in gravy and comes with stuffing or mashed potatoes), but I thought I’d try something new this time. It was fine, but next time I think I’ll stick with the yoozh. Huber’s has been serving turkey sandwiches in Portland since 1879.

Old school lunch at Portland's oldest eatery #pdxeats #upperleftusa #turkey #oysters

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Bacon is My Jam

This decadent stuff is super easy to make. Just brown like a half a pound of bacon in a pan, then pour off most of the grease. Return the dirty, greasy pan to medium-low heat, and slowly cook a half a small chopped onion, a […]