Guinea Hen with Blackberry Mole

Mole is one of those things. It takes time and a million ingredients (or twenty, in this case), but it’s not actually that hard to make. You just have to commit to it. Ingredient list after the jump.

Guajillo and negro chiles (I use mild chiles so the boy can handle it)
fresh Chester blackberries and Chester blackberry jam
dried tomatoes
hot-smoked cherry tomatoes, shallots, and garlic
chicken stock (soak the chiles and tomatoes in the hot stock to soften)
orange juice
pumpkin seeds
S&P, cumin, Mexican oregano
cacao bitters
garlic chive blossoms (for garnish prettiness mostly, but they’re sweet and mildly garlicky)

I smoked the Guinea hen over apple and peach wood, and then slow-stewed it in the mole.