Yu Choy Gratin

Fact: all crucifers taste really great with cheese sauce. Broccoli, cauliflower, doesn’t matter! They’re made for each other. Here’s leftover mushroomy Gruyère Mornay sauce with leftover romanesco and yu choy baked with bread crumbs (made from leftover baguette) strewn over the top. To serve with […]

Wild Mushroom Rarebit

One of my Facebook friends asked (in a tone I didn’t care for) “Why do folk insist on calling it ‘rarebit?’ It’s ‘rabbit.’ Mock rabbit, pointing out that the Welsh couldn’t be expected to have actual rabbit. Tons of cultural history in the word. ‘Rarebit’ […]

Figgy Pudding

This is especially nice rewarmed as a coffee cake to serve for breakfast.

(Loosely adapted from this recipe)

Stuffed Peppers

  Stuffed peppers with Nicky Farms ground beef, jasmine rice, home-canned tomatoes and Balkan spices, because even though it’s been a warm and easy glide into fall, I’m kind of ready to dive into dinners from the oven. #dinnertonight #meatconcierge #peppers 🌶 🍅 🍚 🌶 […]

Pantry Raid

All summer long I felt like I was hardly getting any canning done, but now, looking at my shelves, my heart is as full as my pantry. #canning #putuporshutup #growyourown #preservation #pantry A post shared by Heather Arndt Anderson (@heatherarndtanderson) on Oct 3, 2017 at […]

Warm Bulghur Salad

Guinea Hen with Blackberry Mole

Mole is one of those things. It takes time and a million ingredients (or twenty, in this case), but it’s not actually that hard to make. You just have to commit to it. Ingredient list after the jump. Smoked Grimaud Farms guinea fowl in homegrown […]

Fast Caramel Corn

Caramel corn: not just for the holidays anymore! Fun fact: as long as you have a paper bag, all popcorn is microwave popcorn. I made dead-simple caramel corn by drizzling and tossing hot popcorn with warm @almachocolate habanero caramel and @jacobsensaltco flake salt, and it’s […]

Pelmeni with Chanterelles and Salicornia

Store-bought pelmeni from the Russian market make a fast phone-in dinner, but serving them en brodo with wild things makes it special.

Beef pelmeni in a reduction of beef/rabbit/duck stock (deglazed the pan first with my homemade Doug-fir eau de vie), with Misty Mountain chanterelles and Salicornia, and fresh dill. Served with Baltic rye, pickled tomato salad, and Ahmad Jamal Trio’s rendition of Volga Boatmen. Serving pelmeni in broth is the Tatar style (I have a bunch of Tatar and Finno-Ugric DNA), and Russians love wild mushrooms, so this felt right in my bones. 🍁 🍄 🍁 🍄 🍁 🍄 The Salicornia (seabeans) and wild mushrooms are available through Nicky USA — Misty Mountain will be reppin’ at Wild About Game in two weeks! Pelmeni were bought from the frozen case at Good Neighbor 😳 #meatconcierge #russianfood #pelmeni #dumplings #tatar #volga #mushrooms #wildmushrooms #chanterelles #salicornia #foraging #wildfood #wildaboutgame #пелмени #грибы #food #foodgawker #foodstagram #instayum #instafood #food52 #bareaders #huffposttaste #upperleftusa @nicky.usa

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Seafood Chowder

Seafood chowder made with clams, pacific cod, bay shrimp (all local); lots of celery, onions, potatoes, corn, and bacon; plus shrimp stock, dashi and cream. Colby cheese drop-biscuits for dunking.#dinnertonight #soupweather #chowder #saychowda 🦐 🐟 🐚 🌊 🌧#seafood #clams #shrimp #cod #soup #comfortfood #beach #food52 […]