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Smoked Cod Cakes with Napa Cabbage Slaw

I love fish cakes. There’s some casual thing about them, all getting sand in your shoes and an itchy sunburn on your shoulders, needing Noxzema and iced tea. Their beachiness could be as literal as the fact that cod comes from … Continue reading

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Mochi Milk Bread French Toast with Strawberry-Lemon Compote

I know I write a lot about breakfast. Can’t help it. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day, and Portland has such a cultish breakfast and brunch culture (and let’s face it; brunch is just breakfast … Continue reading

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Pork Meatball and Rillette Bánh Mì

Some terrible things have positive outcomes. Take colonization, for example. You know what’s great about colonization? Bánh mì. It’s true. The French colonized Vietnam for the export of tobacco, indigo, tea and coffee, but when they taught the Vietnamese their … Continue reading

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Lychee red curry

This is my spin on one of my favorite Thai dishes, a classic pineapple red curry. Not that it needed spinning, I just had some canned lychee, but no pineapple. The bromeliaceous tang of the pineapple was missing a little … Continue reading

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Bacon cheeseburgers on green onion brioche

Last night we went to see the Department of Eagles play at the Doug Fir. I love that band so much, and it was a really great show (though they pretty much stuck to In Ear Park and mocked my … Continue reading

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Honey-tamarind chicken with rice vermicelli

Today, Scott and his broworkers went to Green Papaya to get some delicious Vietnamese food, as was their daily wont until the bulk of them relocated to an office further away than across the street. Today was Green Papaya for … Continue reading

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Turkey Phở

This is such an easy way to run through that half-gallon of turkey stock you have gelling in your fridge, and it’s a nice change of pace from the casseroles and sammiches. I’m sick of eating turkey, bread, mashed potatoes … Continue reading

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Som Tam

Or, as we like to call it, “Sometimes.” Okay, I’m really pissed because I made some delicious food last night but the photos came out hell of shitteh so I don’t want to show them to you. I made the … Continue reading

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Lemongrass pork lettuce wraps with grilled pineapple

This is a recipe from a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it today since I haven’t been cooking much on this stupid finger (contrary to last week’s productivity, the finger really doesn’t like to move and bump … Continue reading

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Coho-corn chowder

…or, Happy Black History Month I wanted to make a special Black History Month post, just to say “hey, Black People, thanks for helping make American food so fucking great! Cuz’ if we didn’t have soul food then I just … Continue reading

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