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Arrah Go On

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Pork cheek confit with caramelized turnip and apples

Spring has indeed sprung, yet I always find myself at this time of year with a certain yen for autumnal things. Pomes and root vegetables; meats cooked to shredded perfection, their connective stuff all pulverized (by time, or pressure) to … Continue reading

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Holiday Cheer

Food blogging has sort of jumped the shark, hasn’t it? Has anyone else noticed this? The concept that “when things I like become popular, they are ruined” has never felt truer to me than it does lately, and I think … Continue reading

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Miso-glazed pork chop with corn-maitake Calrosotto

Yes, I’ve taken another two-week break. It’s summer – the busiest time of year for us do-it-ourselves, radical homemakin’, types! I’ll show you later what’s been keeping me so busy (hint: jars and jars), but for now I really need … Continue reading

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Pulled pork tacos

Yes, delicious pork tacos. But first, indulge me for a minute while I embark on some quick link-dropping and tangent-going, and don’t you dare pull a tl;dr on me. I never write any more. You’ll get to the photos soon … Continue reading

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Pork-Shiitake Niku Dango

Niku dango are Japanese meatballs, and are the perfect accompaniment to beer and noodles (two of my favorite things). Meatballs, in general are huge right now – Bon Appetit magazine recently had a whole issue devoted to them. Shit, 20% … Continue reading

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Back in a minute, hon

Quick chit – I had the baby, and you can read about it at my new blog, The Legend of Zephyr. I am back in the kitchen periodically, but this time of year is still hard on photographers who rely … Continue reading

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Living off the fat of the land

I guess it’s fairly obvious that I’ve got a lot on my plate these days, so to speak, and my writing has taken a back seat to more important ventures. I do still cook, once in awhile (last week produced … Continue reading

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Millions of Peaches

The little white peach sapling that I planted last fall shot up about 6 feet this spring, splashing out a crown of wavy, crescent-shaped leaves and slutty, hot pink blossoms like too much rouge on a little girl that got … Continue reading

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A Letter to Anonymous

“ew..i hope this happens to your unborn child as well” – Anonymous This was a comment left by one “Anonymous” regarding my recent Pig Roast 2009 post. I let that one marinate for awhile, wondering whether or not I should … Continue reading

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