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Corned Beef Reuben

A day late and a dollar short, as always. I decided to try my hand at corning so I could participate in Charcutepalooza this month, but I forgot that I was supposed to post this on the 15th. Oops. It’s … Continue reading

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Prosciutto and egg on toasted batard

…or, Breakfast of Champions v. 3.0. This one is the new winner because it took less than 10 minutes to make, 5 of which were spent waiting for water to boil. This is important on Saturdays, when you have to … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the Details

Newberry’s was a five-and-dime that had three locations in Portland: Lloyd Center (now a Dollar Tree), downtown (now a Ross Dress-for-Less) and at the ghost in the shell, Eastport Plaza (the mall has been razed and turned into a movie … Continue reading

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Tuna po’boy with green tomato relish

You know what I hate? Not knowing how to use my camera properly, even after all these years. If I use the auto macro settings, I can’t adjust the white balance. If I use the manual settings, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Pork Meatball and Rillette Bánh Mì

Some terrible things have positive outcomes. Take colonization, for example. You know what’s great about colonization? Bánh mì. It’s true. The French colonized Vietnam for the export of tobacco, indigo, tea and coffee, but when they taught the Vietnamese their … Continue reading

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Bratwurst bierock with aqvavit mustard and Gruyère Mornay

The other day I was having a fierce hanker for soft pretzels with spicy mustard. The ones you get in the freezer section of even nicer stores like New Seasons are just fucking abysmal – dry, salty cardboard carbohydrate, salvageable … Continue reading

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Animal Style

I recently lucked into some free beef, and I didn’t even have to buy any tires. My old friend, mentor and high school geology teacher Dick Pugh (yeah, yeah, “what a name,” but he’s like 80 so shut the fuck … Continue reading

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Pulled pork tacos

Yes, delicious pork tacos. But first, indulge me for a minute while I embark on some quick link-dropping and tangent-going, and don’t you dare pull a tl;dr on me. I never write any more. You’ll get to the photos soon … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with Celery-Roquefort Slaw

Since it was the Super Bowl recently, I’ve been jonesing for wings something fierce. There’s something about fatty chicken wings coated in sticky, spicy hot sauce, chased with the cool, mineral crunch of celery and the cave-y funk of blue … Continue reading

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Pulled chicken sandwich with apple slaw and sweet corn

Sometimes good barbecue doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it doesn’t even require you to go outside. I shredded some leftover roasted chicken (it had been marinated in a garlicky gochujang barbecue sauce) and warmed it in some basic hickory barbecue … Continue reading

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