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Cauliflower-chickpea fritters with fresh turmeric

Wondering what to do with the shitton of cauliflower your CSA box has so graciously bestowed upon you? It’s one of those things people always have kicking around their produce drawer at the end of spring, and although we would … Continue reading

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Cornmeal-crusted trout with mashed root vegetables and crispy leeks

So I was wandering around New Seasons, as is my wont these days, wondering what to make for dinner. It’s citrus season again, so I grabbed some blood oranges. Even though they’re not particularly sweet, I’m always suckered into buying … Continue reading

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Pub Grub

Doesn’t this look like a happy picnic of all of your favorite fried foods, fresh from the pub, all laid out on a blanket of glee and sunshine? Don’t be fooled, it’s rainy and sardonic out there. This new lamp … Continue reading

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Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles. The first in a series I call Monochromatic, Yet Delicious. Some of my readers (particularly the ones who hail from exotic locales) have blank looks on their faces. It’s a real thing, I assure you, to eat … Continue reading

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Fried squash blossoms

Yes, I fucking did it, so get off my back already! Actually, it wasn’t that bad. Contrarily, I might start viewing all foods through the Scottish “these’d be crakin fried” lens now (eh, Kittie?). This will spell ultimate doom for … Continue reading

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