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Holiday Cheer

Food blogging has sort of jumped the shark, hasn’t it? Has anyone else noticed this? The concept that “when things I like become popular, they are ruined” has never felt truer to me than it does lately, and I think … Continue reading

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Japadog meets K-pop

A nice couple weeks, it’s been. Lovely weather, lots of delicious cooking, but nothing really noteworthy that I can think of. I guess I could show you the nettle risotto I made, but I’ve already blogged that (though this time … Continue reading

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Pork-Shiitake Niku Dango

Niku dango are Japanese meatballs, and are the perfect accompaniment to beer and noodles (two of my favorite things). Meatballs, in general are huge right now – Bon Appetit magazine recently had a whole issue devoted to them. Shit, 20% … Continue reading

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Yaki gyoza

I wanted to make gyoza with some of the ground pork from the quarter hog we bought, but having never made them before, had to thumb through my (only) two Japanese cookbooks for help. One of my books is just … Continue reading

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Misoyaki Maki

We’d been invited to a champagne-tasting party, to which we were instructed to bring an appie or somesuch. Easy, right? Except that I totally procrastinated, and it started snowing. Hard. I didn’t want to press my luck and brave a … Continue reading

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Curry okra and green tomato pickle

A couple months ago, before the tomatoes were really getting good, I accidentally knocked a few off the vine trying to get to my beans or something. These were my first tomatoes, so I valued each one like my firstborn … Continue reading

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Curry popcorn with dried cranberries

Yes, I’m posting popcorn. On a Friday morning. After the harried 5-times-a-week Foodbuzz challenge, I decided to take a wee break after the 10th. I’m still trying to figure out if I can/want to keep up the pace indefinitely. So … Continue reading

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