Best School Lunch Ever

Top five favorite school hot lunches, in no particular order: Garfield-style lasagna, square pan pizza (squishy crust), chickenwiches, PPS-style dirty water dogs, and chicken a là king. The last of these is a dish that originated on the East Coast in the 1880s, with various hotels laying claim to its invention. Tonight’s version is made with leftover chicken picked from Saturday’s smoked carcass, good gravy with mushrooms and thyme, and smashed roasted Yukon golds and rutabaga, because Zephyr has been loving the Rutabaga manga series lately and I love using food to keep him engaged. The asparagus was never part of any free lunch I received as a child, but it’s in season and felt right (served with a lemony white wine butter sauce). #dinnertonight #freelunch #culinaryhistory #chickenalaking . . . . . #foodandwine #f52grams #bareaders #kitchen #foodstories #instagood #huffpostfood #spring #leftovers #condenast #schoollunch #hashtagtovictory

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Every Day is a Challahday

Biscuits and gravy are gettin’ above their raisin’

I think biscuits & gravy should be declared the official signature dish of Portland. Not because we invented it or do it better than anyone else, but because it’s who we really are. It may have come from the South, but it was brought here by loggers. For better or worse, the dish is starting to get fancy.

Biscuits and gravy are a symbol of Portland’s growth and changing identity as a city. And like B&G, we’re gettin’ above our raisin’. I wrote a thing about this for Roads & Kingdoms. 

Vegetarian burrito in a bowl

Yellow split-pea soup with mint pistou