Doro Whit

Teeny doro wat with @maryschicken Cornish game hen and quail eggs; yekik alicha (yellow split pea stew); yabesha gomen using my @imperfectproduce Swiss chard; and itty bitty injeras. The injera is hella from scratch: ground @bobsredmill teff grains and fermented the batter for four days. […]

Shakshouka: or, What to Have Instead of Brain Cakes

From Phillis Browne’s The Dictionary of Dainty Breakfasts (London: Cassell, 1899). Warning: this recipe may be a bit cloying. According to Phillis Browne (the nom-de-plume of 19th-century sports journalist Arthur Gay Payne), breakfast should consist of the following: a) a fundamental dish; b) “trifling accessories… […]

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Celebrating Black History Month – African Contributions to American Cuisine

February is Black History Month. Last year, to celebrate, I introduced myself to blogger Courtney Nzeribe from Coco Cooks and interviewed her about her cultural identity, her cooking style and her favorite childhood foods. This year, I chatted a bit with my buddy Donald Orphanidys […]

Doro wat with ye’abesha gomen

I’ve really been craving Ethiopian food lately. Maybe I’m deficient in pulses, or just have a jones for hallucinogenically spicy food. The first time I tried Ethiopian food, I didn’t really know much about it other than its reputation for being hot, that it leans […]

Kedjenou with kelewele and collards with green peppers in tomato-peanut sauce

God, this post is gonna be long. I finally got a little time to post this African food I’ve been threatening to make! But let’s back up a bit – why would a little white bitch up in the Pacific NW be interested in making […]