Coho-corn chowder

…or, Happy Black History Month I wanted to make a special Black History Month post, just to say “hey, Black People, thanks for helping make American food so fucking great! Cuz’ if we didn’t have soul food then I just don’t know what.” Have you […]

What the Phở?

I am on a bit of a soup kick, I guess. I had a pound of thinly sliced eye of round in the fridge, and I didn’t really feel like Korean or Japanese (I had yakiniku for lunch the other day, and that really sits […]

Banh Hoi Bo La Lop

Tonight I made some awesome (though somewhat unbefitting a cold, wet December evening) banh hoi bo lan lop (Vietnamese grilled beef lettuce wraps) for dinner. These fit nicely into my diet menu, with only 280 calories for 5 rolls’ worth of meat, lettuce, fresh cilantro, […]

Paper Chef 25

Wow, I am so excited to enter the world of Paper Chef! (link at Tomatilla! on my sidebar). This friendly little competition among food bloggers is just the type of thing to get me through the busy harvest season and the damp winter that follows. […]