Panels, Podcasts, &c.

2017, December 26. Marketplace | Make Me Smart: ‘Make Me Smart Predictions’

2017, November 21. Marketplace | Make Me Smart: ‘Breaking Bread Without Conflict

2017, September 11. ‘The Four Top’ Podcast: CRISPR Over GMOs? | Endangered Foods | Banking Seeds In Vaults

2017, June 5. ‘The Four Top’ Podcast: The Evolution Of Grocery Stores | Does Cured Meat Kill? | Serious TV Chef

2017, April 24. ‘Kneading Communities Together: Food Culture From Jeddah to Portland‘ (panel moderator)

2017, March 13. ‘The Four Top’ Podcast: Checkout Talk | Death Of The Dinner Party | ‘Average’ Home Cook 

2017, February 6. ‘Right At The Fork’ Podcast: Soundbite – Heather Arndt Anderson’s Portland Spicy Food Picks

2017, January 30. ‘The Four Top’ Podcast: Martha And Snoop Mix It Up | Dictatorial Dining | Single-Subject Cookbooks

2017, January 5. ‘Weird History’ Podcast: Episode 111: Heather Arndt Anderson on Chilies

2017, January 3. ‘The Four Top’ Podcast: The Juice Cleanse | Digital Foraging | Food On The WWI Homefront

2015, January 29. ‘Weird History’ Podcast: Episode 15: Heather Arndt Anderson on the History of Breakfast

2014, December 8. ‘Kick Ass Oregon History’ Podcast. “KAOH 8.8: Book Club- Portland: A Food Biography.”

2014, January 22. ‘Kick Ass Oregon History’ Podcast. “KAOH 7.7: Oswald West Was An Asshole.”

2013, September 23. WPR Wisconsin (National Public Radio affiliate), ‘Central Time.’ “Breakfast: A History.”

2013, August 17. KPCC Los Angeles (National Public Radio affiliate), ‘Off-Ramp.’ “Patt Morrison: How pancakes, French toast and omelettes became breakfast staples.

2013, August 15. Heritage Radio Network, A Taste of the Past :: Episode 143 – Breakfast History.

2013, June 16. KLCC Eugene, (National Public Radio affiliate), Food For Thought. “Heather Arndt Anderson: History of Breakfast.”