Other Writing


Here are some other places where my work has been published or quoted:

The New York Times

British Retailer’s Straight Croissants Leave Some Bent Out of Shape by Dan Bilefsky

The Atlantic

Breakfast: It’s What’s for Dinner by Marina Koren

Washington Post

Excited to eat Egg McMuffins all day? The long and surprising history of the egg and whatever sandwich. by Sarah Kaplan

The real reason why Americans love bacon for breakfast by Daron Taylor

Roads & Kingdoms

Pretty Much the Most Heartwarming Story About Shit-On-A-Shingle You’re Likely to Hear

Keep on Bierockin’ in the Free World


A Brief History of Tuna Casserole

Fish & Game Quarterly

Seven Herbs

On Urban Foraging and Other Childhood Liberations

First Salmon


31 Restaurants Every Portland Must Try

Hotel Dining Makes a Comeback in Portland

The History of Chinese Food in Portland, America’s Second-Oldest Chinatown

Inside the Best Portland Restaurant Where You’ll Never Get to Eat

Bootlegging and Gambling Den Lotus Cardroom and Café May Close

Horst Mager: Portland’s First Celebrity Chef

Get to Know the Man Behind Portland’s Oldest Restaurant

Hung Far Low Shutters its SE 82nd Street Location

Take a Look at the Epic Food Hall Portland Took For Granted

The Birth of Besaw’s, Where Slabtown and NW Trendy-Third Collide

Extra Crispy

Can You Tell the Difference Between Regular Coffee and Decaf? by Alice Robb

When Did Cereal Lose Its Color? by Jen Doll

Breakfast in Bed Is the Mile High Club of Meals by Matt Gross

Portland Monthly

Meet 6 Badass Dames of Portland Yore

The Scandalous History of Booze in Portland

Meet the Willamette Valley’s Best Blackberries

Pioneer Salt, Giant Pancakes, and Sexy Salads: The Two-Century-Long Story of How Portland Conquered the Food World

Render Feminist Food & Culture Quarterly

Keep Everlastingly At It: The Feminist and Culinary Legacy of Lilian Tingle (available in print only – buy it here!)


The Original Portland Eccentric

Oregon Live

Throwback Thursday: Remembering Portland Grocery Stores of the Past

I also write a column for the Portland Mercury.