Semihomemade Manduguk

Super fast manduguk for lunch, made by simmering sliced chonggak radish, tteok (rice cakes) and frozen store-bought mandu (dumplings) in homemade chicken/pork stock with a spoonful of instant dashi, a teeny bit of soy sauce, and a dribble of sesame oil. Sloppy shredded omelet “noodles” […]

Budae Jigae Wid It

It’s so delightfully crummy out so I made budae jigae for myself using *nice* ingredients like @umiorganic noodles, @olympiaprovisions hot dogs, Ota tofu, homemade kimchi and heirloom beans. The dashi is instant, but it’s still some fancy high-end stuff from Japan. The SPAM… is just […]

Loco Moco

Had a leftover Nicky Farms venison patty and some leftover rice, so I made loco moco of course! Topped with ramen broth gravy (added the veggie pack from some @nongshimusa Shin Ramyun for kick), backyard egg, homemade tamago-nori furikake, served with a little side salad […]

Japadog meets K-pop

A nice couple weeks, it’s been. Lovely weather, lots of delicious cooking, but nothing really noteworthy that I can think of. I guess I could show you the nettle risotto I made, but I’ve already blogged that (though this time I made it with ham […]

Bibimbap, revisited

Just a shorty today, to show off some delicious bibimbap I threw together from ingredients I didn’t make myself. I did cook the rice and arrange everything, but unless you ferment your own doraji and kimchi (I didn’t), all you’re really doing is arranging bits […]


Meeehhhhhhh. Weh! An ass-busting week in the field, an all-night Halloween bender followed by an all-day wicked hangover, then I started my woman times yesterday. I have not given less of a shit about blogging since I chopped off the tip my pinky last spring. […]

Well, I can’t be a creative genius ALL the time

The holidays are finally behind me, I don’t hafta worry about the thousands of empty booze calories on my daily count, and I don’t need to cook something to impress anyone for the first time in several weeks. Oh yeah, did I mention that my […]