In the 1970s, Pizza Joints Pulled Out All the Stops

Remember eating pizza with your family while the dulcet tones of Pinball Wizard tore loose from a Wurlitzer pipe organ? The 1970s were real special times. I wrote about the Organ Grinder and the history of pipe organ pizza joints for Taste.

Portland’s Vice Clique Scandal Began in a Gents-Only Dining Room

I touched on this subject a little in Portland: A Food Biography, and was happy to write about it a bit more for the Portland Mercury. The Louvre was the original home of the nude portrait that currently hangs behind the bar at Jake’s Famous […]

It’s a Mystery: A History

What is up with people’s fascination with foods disguised as other things? I tackle that question in my latest piece for Taste.

Taste Top Stories of 2017

I’m extremely flattered that Taste has included two of my stories in their Top Stories of 2017 and three¬†of them in their 15 Favorite Food and Drink Histories!