Portland: A Food Biography

Get your signed copy of Portland: A Food Biography   “Drawn out in glorious detail in Arndt Anderson’s loving biography of her hometown, she offers the conclusion evident to fellow natives and transplants alike: ‘Portland is a gustatory wonderland.’ Finally, we understand why.”—Michael Zusman, author of […]

Breakfast: A History

  Breakfast: A History is now available directly from the author!

Persimmon Bread

This post has been coming for awhile, particularly considering persimmons aren’t even in season anymore. But if one were especially diligent, one would have a fair stockpile of persimmon jelly just languishing in the freezer. As luck would have it, persimmons freeze just beautifully, which […]

What Shall We Have to Eat?

I won’t bother with the excuses, but yes, I’ve been away a long time.  The gist: my first book, Breakfast: A History is complete and will be published in May, and I’ve got a couple more irons in the fire that I’ll share when I […]

Curried Pumpkin Soup

The best thing about having a compost heap is not the smug satisfaction of reducing your household waste to a mere 10 gallons a month, or seeing healthy organisms thrive in your soil, or the idea that the nutrient cycle may be so poetically expressed […]

Thanksgiving and Other Considerations

This morning I made some delicious homemade biscuits with chanterelle-sausage gravy. I’d used up all of my chanterelles shortly after my last post, but then found more while in the field on Friday. By the time I found them, I wasn’t sick of them anymore. […]

…and we’re back! Part 2: Engrish and Other Funny

I guess since the last post was ‘Part 1’ I left myself the responsibility of making another one, even though there’s not much else to share except the random Japanese cuteness and Rost in Transrations that provided unlimited entertainment. However, it is Sunday evening, and […]