Happy as a Clam v. 2.0

When clams are fresh, as are these littlenecks that we picked up on our way from the beach yesterday, all they need is a quick steam over a bath of white wine, shallot and garlic…

…and a loaf of crusty baguette with good Danish butter.

Some lemon zest and chopped parsley to finish, and you’re laughin’. Serve with copious amounts of Sauvignon Blanc (we had Brander 2006 Early Release – acidic, lemon juice on a paper cut, with a hug and kiss-it-make-it-better of sweetpea florals and quince).

…and still no pussy jokes. Sorry, Syd.

So I made my five posts this week. Yay for me! I made coffee ice cream today, and I might save it for next week or I might go ahead and post it this weekend. Dunno.