Ham and eggs with corn pudding and fried tomato

What to do with leftover corn and roasted poblano pudding: slice into thick slabs and brown in a pan with some good country ham and the garden’s first brandywine tomatoes. This was brunch on Saturday, but I wanted to share before it slipped my mind.

A lot of things slip my mind these days. It could be the booze (my consumption has reached Scandinavian proportions), or the lack of sleep I’ve been granting myself (why are Current TV and BBC America so damn fascinating after 11:00pm on Sunday nights? Don’t they know I have to work in the morning!?), but I cannot keep my shit straight these days. I come home, try to cook and write a little, and it takes me two hours to post ramen because I got lost down some rabbithole, reading some catty fag wax sarcastic about Brooke Hogan’s exquisite lucite heels. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like 10:30 and I haven’t just connected with my husband, relaxed or stopped thinking in the 5 hours since I got home. (Yeah, yeah, you parents out there are rolling your eyes right now, but I don’t feel like playing Who Has It Worse.)

So, sorry. You get my leftovers tonight. I’m also “cooking” leftovers: onigiri from the genmai (Japanese brown rice) and shiro maguro misoyaki (miso-glazed albacore) that I made to go with the midori-no sukaizuke last night. But at least I have a couple photos to share!

Gratuitous food porn runny yolk money shot. Skaboosh!

My first tomato of the season! It definitely looks like an heirloom tomato. That’s gonna be my new thing: if something is totally fug and looks broke-ass, it’s “heirloom”. These fuckers are ugly as sin, but when you taste one, you’ll see why they’re $5/pound. And worth the trouble of growing.

Now to try to get some shots of my onigiri before the sun goes down. Sigh, no rest for the wicked.