Chicken Gnocchi Soup

…or, Snow Day

We don’t get much snow here in Portland. We’re nestled so snugly between the Coast Range to the west and the Cascades to the east, and all that noise gets buffered out in our quaint little Willamette Valley. But once or twice a year, we get the veritable shit…er, snowstorm of Weather. And the city shuts the hell down.

Nobody goes to work or school on snow days. We all turn on the TV to check for road closures anyway, just to see some asshole on the news careening downhill, perpendicular to the road, taking out innocent parked cars in his wake (do yourself a favor and cue up Yakety Sax in another tab so you can watch the vid with a soundtrack). People always try to drive in this shit. People from sunnier climes (cough*Californians*cough) who think that driving up to Ski Bowl a few times a year qualifies as “driving in snow” experience. It’s comedy gold, really, for everyone except the owners of those parked cars getting pwned on the side of the road. Here’s to good insurance.

During inclement weather, I’m not so keen on leaving the house. I’ve been a bit slumpy anyway lately, and this doesn’t really increase my motivation to leave my couch, let alone step foot outdoors. I don’t feel like doing anything that doesn’t involve a blanket and sweat pants, and am eating mostly total garbage like totchos (yes, that is nachos made with tater tots) and Blue Box with ketchup. I’m not pregnant, I think it’s just the weather and the darkness. I spent 8 hours playing Chibi Robo yesterday, for fuck’s sake. Ain’t no cure for the wintertime blues.

Except maybe some hearty chicken soup with crunchy green beans, peas and carrots, chunks of creamy fingerling potatoes, cremini mushrooms and succulent chicken, and some tender gnocchi. The dumpling-like gnocchi sort of melt into the soup after awhile, making it nice and creamy-chowdery, and the broth is just shy of melted chicken demi glace, so rich and velvety, with plenty of fresh thyme and black pepper.

Serve with oven-warm rolls and Tivo’d episodes of How Clean is Your House.