Almost ready, I swear.

Sorry for the lag in blogging over the past few weeks. It’s not even that I’m too busy this time, it’s just that I’ve cooked exactly twice since the halibut post (grilled cheese with tomato soup and penne with jarred tomato sauce, though that hardly counts as cooking). I am nearly over my first trimester and should be getting back to normal very soon. God, I hope so.

People are always interested to know what a foodie craves when she is pregnant. “God, what does Heather crave,” people ask Scott. Well not much, I’m sad to say, not yet anyway. Here is some of what I’ve eaten over the past few weeks:

  • 1.5 pints of Haagen Daaz strawberry ice cream (last night with those chewy chocolate crinkle cookies – a winning combination)
  • about a pound of Jelly Bellys, opting alternately for Juicy Pear and Black Licorice (but gah, not together – gross – I’m not an animal)
  • a corn dog from a questionable gas station deli in BFE
  • a piece of supreme pizza from a questionable gas station deli in BFE
  • a cucumber and chili Mexican frozen popsicle (“paleta”)
  • ham and cheese hot pocket (whole wheat! it’s good for the baby)
  • Nong Shim Kim Chee bowl noodle spicy taste good job
  • 2 cans of Spaghettios in cheese sauce
  • approximately 4 chili dogs (with the cheese and onions) and tater tots
  • tuna salad sandwich on a non-sick day
  • 3 cantaloupes, salted, each eaten entirely in one sitting
  • 5 pints of strawberries, eaten over the sink
  • 4 mangoes, salt and peppered
  • 10 or 20 apples, sometimes with salt, sometimes with cheese
  • a half a giant tub of Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate) with 1% milk – usually the first thing in my stomach in the morning
  • three bowls of pho
  • a half a Hawaiian-style pizza with green peppers
  • three servings of pasta with red sauce (nothing fancy)
  • iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing (a healthy “salad”!)
  • a giant bowl of radishes with salt
  • Ethiopian food (the lentils were the craving, and sticking with vegetarian was a really good choice for me)
  • 2 breakfast burritos
  • 3 of those mini boxes of cereal from the variety pack: Corn Pops, Rice Krispies and Crispix (I foolishly let Scott have the Fruit Loops)
  • a movie-size box of Hot Tamales
  • a movie-size box of Junior Mints
  • approximately 5000 Cliff Bars (while in the field)
  • a 6″ veggie sub with extra pepperoncini
  • 10 bottles of Reed’s ginger beer

I guess that’s enough confession. Try not to judge me. Progesterone’s a helluva drug.