Poutine Galvaude

Now, with more confit!

Awhile ago, I made poutine with sweet potatoes and veal demi glace gravy. Oh, man, was it ever a delight. A bit more recently, my good buddy Marc at the stellar (yet erroneously-named) No Recipes made it also, but one-upped me by photographing it like a genius (seriously, steam shot and everything). When I noticed the linkback in my Sitemeter readings, I took a look at my old post from last November and remembered that I’d threatened to make this with turkey leg confit leftover from Thanksgiving. Of course, I totally forgot to do that, and hi. Here we are.

Technically, this probably can’t be called “galvaude” because I used duck instead of turkey or chicken, and I omitted the peas (some asshole is also probably gonna swing his/her peen around about this not really being poutine, either, since I used sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes), but honestly, who gives a shit? It’s French fries with gravy and cheese curds. It has duck confit on top. SUCK IT. And after I confited the duck, I oven-roasted the fries in the hot duck fat. I used sweet potato again because they really are just more nutritious and tasty, but I have to admit that they have a hard time holding their shape after they’ve been essentially poached in duck fat. Next time I’ll fry them on the stove top to get the proper crispness. Beef demi gravy and local white cheddar curds, and we’re laughing.


If anyone has noticed or cares, I’ve been lagging on the blogging in a big way. I just can’t pretend to care that much right now, but it’s not you, I swear. I just am such a dipshit these days. It’s strange what hormones do to the female brain, but each time I do cook, I forget to shoot it. For fuck’s sake, I made mac and cheese with brie last weekend and forgot to photograph it. I have a couple things lined up, but who knows when I’ll get around to it. I’ll try to at least be present when I can, but I just have a lot of other shit going on right now, and ice cream makes a fine dinner.