Fry-Up Breakfast Pizza

I spent last week in Coos County, and haven’t been in my kitchen since last weekend. I usually come home from these forays hungry for my own cooking, but we had plans on Friday and Saturday and so I still haven’t really had any QT in the kitchen. After the marathon of Thanksgiving and a week of absence, I guess I’m still getting my groove back.

I hate to take a break for a week, and then return with some mess on a plate like this. It’s not a sexy comeback, it’s just breakfast. I made most of the components of an English fry-up: eggs, a couple rashers of bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes (just missing the black pudding and beans, really), and baked them on pizza dough. I also added some diced fingerling potato, chopped red onion and cheese curds for good measure.

I have a list of pickles and chutneys to crank out and can for holiday gifts, so that should keep me busy for awhile today. Here’s to getting things back to normal.

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