Prosciutto and egg on toasted batard

…or, Breakfast of Champions v. 3.0.

This one is the new winner because it took less than 10 minutes to make, 5 of which were spent waiting for water to boil. This is important on Saturdays, when you have to wait for a shower because it’s your turn to get up with the baby and your husband’s turn to sleep in. By the time you hove your tired ass in and out of the shower 45 minutes have gone by, because even though you claim to be ecologically-conscious you live in Oregon and feel entitled to long showers once in awhile because water literally falls from the sky.

This is the new winner because it is simply toasted batard (it was going stale and you feel you should finish the last of the old loaf before cracking open the new one) with a few slices of prosciutto (crisped up in a pan) and a poached egg on top. You toasted the bread properly, by buttering both sides and browning it in the prosciutto fond. Maybe you added Meyer lemons to the egg poaching liquid to assist the acidulation. The gratuitous food porn egg-gravy can be spared your usual eye-roll because sometimes it’s not masturbatory, it’s just correct.

This is that time.

This one is the new winner.