Persimmon Season

Was just revisiting some old Instagram posts to find inspiration for using persimmons. This one was particularly sublime.   Tails & Trotters pork tenderloin with caramelized onions, apples and persimmons and a red ale reduction; pumpkin risotto with home-cured bacon lardons. Not pictured: green salad […]

Fire and Mushrooms

I wrote about fire ecology and mushroom-hunting for Fish & Game Quarterly. I’ve been kind of worried that the piece comes off a bit glib, since the rains have not yet begun in California and real danger yet looms, but my intent was for encouragement […]

California Roll Chirashisushi


California roll-style chirashisushi sounded really good to me, because I love the honkiness of a California roll but was just feeling too lazy to roll maki. I topped stovetop Calrose rice (seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar, salt) with surimi, a brunoise of cucumber and avocado, a few good spoonfuls of homemade furikake (nori/sesame/tamago), shaved salt-cured duck egg yolk, sesame seeds, and a drizzle of kewpie. ??? ? ? The first time I ever had surimi was when I was a kid; my dad was ushering the hunks of krab straight from the bag to his mouth and gave me one. I have always partially associated eating surimi with poverty, which is to say I will always have a strange hanker for it. #dinnertonight ? ? ? ? ?#japanesefood #chirashi #donburi #california #sushi #food #food52 #foodgawker #foodstagram #instafood #instayum #vegetarianish #meatlessmonday #surimi #krab

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German Yakisoba is a Thing, You Guys

You guys, I made German yakisoba. ??? Let me back up: I started with Nicky Farms’ incredible wild boar/pork caraway-dill sausage, roasted in a quickie choucroute garnis with Savoy cabbage and the juice/garlic/spices from my homemade sour dill pickles, fried onions and horseradish from my […]

Budae Jigae Wid It

It’s so delightfully crummy out so I made budae jigae for myself using *nice* ingredients like @umiorganic noodles, @olympiaprovisions hot dogs, Ota tofu, homemade kimchi and heirloom beans. The dashi is instant, but it’s still some fancy high-end stuff from Japan. The SPAM… is just […]

Simple is Best

Taco Salad

I have a bad habit of overfilling my tortilla when making burritos, so this new tortilla boat trick I’ve discovered is really helping me out a lot. As long as you have a smallish pan and biggish tortillas, you’re laughing! This one is filled with […]

Autumn Ramen

Made some really delicious vegetarianish autumn ramen with @umiorganic noodles and tempura (kabocha-like bitterroot buttercup squash, purple sweet potato, shiitake, pumpkin blossom, onion, and green bean in simple rice flour/seltzer batter). Broth is smoky-sweet and concentrated; rich chicken stock seasoned with tentsuyu (use mushroom broth […]

Yu Choy Gratin

Wild Mushroom Rarebit

One of my Facebook friends asked (in a tone I didn’t care for) “Why do folk insist on calling it ‘rarebit?’ It’s ‘rabbit.’ Mock rabbit, pointing out that the Welsh couldn’t be expected to have actual rabbit. Tons of cultural history in the word. ‘Rarebit’ […]