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Curry Goat Kofta

View this post on Instagram Leftover goat kofta gets a second life for dinner tonight with Indian spices (ajwan, black cumin, garam masala), homegrown tomatoes, and yogurt. Is there anything curry can’t do? 🐐 🍛 🐐 🍛#curry #goat #meatconcierge #kofta #homegrown #nickyfarms #nickyusa #totesmagoats #indianfood […]

Goat Meatballs with Barbari Bread

View this post on Instagram Goat kofta with yogurt and homemade barbari bread, savory and warming. The ground goat comes in one-pound packs from @nicky.usa now, one of their in-house Nicky Farms products that I’m really excited about! Here it’s mixed with minced garlic and […]

Kimchi Golubtsy

This one made the top post on r/foodporn!

Pumpkin Soup with Lamb Meatballs

View this post on Instagram Since my wrist is still a little iffy, I decided to forgo making Uzbek-style lamb-pumpkin manti (dumplings), and made a soup instead. Here’s a bowl of tender hunks of roasted kabocha squash tossed in Uyghur spices (think five spice with […]

Pickled Bracken Fern

This was a wacky experiment that went exactly as I’d hoped. I soaked, boiled, and soaked again a bag of dried bracken fern (aka fernbrake, gosari, etc.) and then fermented it in a 2% brine with Sichuan peppercorn, garlic, facing heaven chiles (from Chengdu), and […]

Big Time Kimchi

You Do Make Friends With Salad

View this post on Instagram Roasted ‘bull’s blood’ beets, red d’anjou pears; ‘purple frills’ mustard leaves, fennel fronds, Korean sesame and red perilla from the garden; cambazola cheese; walnut oil and brown turkey fig shrub; @jacobsensaltco Pinot Noir salt and grains of paradise. Aka a […]

Pumpkin Congee with Water Buffalo Sausage

View this post on Instagram #WildAboutGame pregaming at home with my spin on the ever-popular butternut squash risotto: pumpkin congee cooked in chicken-corn cob stock, with five spice water buffalo sausage from @nicky.usa (get it? instead of lap cheong), woodear mushroom, pepitas, fried elephant garlic […]

Kimcheese Grits

Fig Slatko

Slatko is an Eastern European-style (usually fruit) preserve where the fruit (or sometimes baby pine cones, like you do) are suspended in a thick syrup. My tree has produced a lot of fruit this year, so I put up some of it like this. View […]