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African Chicken Peanut Stew

View this post on Instagram This is West African-style chicken peanut stew — @maryschicken game hen (from @nicky.usa), sautéed in dende and stewed with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and ajvar (I didn’t have any eggplant or peppers, so this was actually perfect). I added ground […]

Easy Mexican Chocolate Cake

View this post on Instagram Made a real quick cake tonight, just for shits & gigs. It’s a pretty simple riff on a Mexican chocolate-type torte, just chocolate, cinnamon, ancho chile, and vanilla, with slivered almonds and sesame seeds for textural contrast. Super basic, no […]

New Year Ramen

Boar Shoulder Ragù

View this post on Instagram This year for Christmas dinner (which I’m doing tomorrow instead) I wanted to think beyond traditional turkey or ham, so I slow-braised this wild boar shoulder for four hours in wine, homemade pork stock and tomatoes (mirepoix and tons of […]

Spirited Away

A Century Ago, Portland’s Elite Were Obsessed with the Occult I wrote about the history of Portland’s foray into Ouija madness for Portland Monthly.

Garden Borscht

With tons of extra snips of things.

Eating in Richmond, B.C.

We had a lovely long weekend trip to Richmond, British Columbia, and stuffed ourselves on dumplings and noodles. View this post on Instagram This fading, Mall 205-esque shopping centre has a food court spot with better dumplings than any B&M in Portland. Aunties stand here […]

Black Nightshade and Bierocks

A story I wrote is in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Oregon Humanities magazine. I hope you enjoy!

Big Smokies

Kitschy party food is the best.

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I love kitschy party food *way* too much. But those giant vacu-packs of feedlot beef/pork wienies (aka meats of questionable provenance) are kinda gross. Here’s a solution! Brown and slice two packs of @nicky.usa sausage — here’s elk/huckleberry and venison/blueberry — and simmer them in your favorite berry jam and barbecue sauce. I’ve chosen a smoky homemade honey-blueberry barbecue sauce spiked with ancho chile and my own apple cider vinegar, but you could totally stick to the classic grape jelly and KC Masterpiece. Eat better meat! 🦌 🦌 🦌The sausages are available by the four-pack at better-stocked grocery stores throughout the NW, like @newseasonsmarket @worldfoodspdx @metmarket @chucksproduce @charliesmarket

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Tea-Smoked Duck

Totally doable indoors without setting off your alarms! View this post on Instagram This holiday season, why not try something different? Turkey and ham are always nice, but this @maryschicken duck is really something else, and smoking it Zhangcha-style —with tea— is an easy kitchen […]