Buffalo Ribeye Flatbreads

Grilled Nicky Farms bison ribeye with grilled flatbread; a gremolata of carrot tops, mint, and lovage flowers (all from the garden), lemon juice and garlic; quick-pickled ramps and green strawberries; opal basil flowers, parsley flowers, and salad burnet from the garden; purple cauliflower and carrot roots. The bison is available directly from @nicky.usa! (The weather is super iffy so I grilled from the comfort of my own kitchen on @finexcookware) #dinnertonight #eatprettyfood #meatconcierge 🌸 🌱 🍖 🌸 🌱 🍖 #food #foodpics #foodstagram #instafood #food52 #f52grams #flowers #meat #buffalo #steak #bison #beautifulfood #bareaders #foodandwine #huffposttaste #thekitchn #paleo #pesto #gardenlove #fathersday #dinner

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Pistachio-Rose Cake from the City of Roses

Miyazaki Style Sushi Salad

The Four Top: Episode 20

How have grocery stores changed, and what will they look like in the future? Will cured meat and raw milk really kill you? And have celebrity chef shows grown more serious?

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Episode 20 of “The Four Top” from June 5, 2017, features Michael Ruhlman, Camas Davis, and yours truly (wherein I womansplain to Ruhlman that it was actually Portland’s own Fred Meyer, not Walmart, was the first multi-department superstore…and it came a full fifty years earlier).

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Pork Brisket is a Thing

Loco Moco

(Disclosure: I receive a small stipend for free meat from Nicky USA because I develop recipes and web content for them.)

Put Down the Pitchforks and Pick Up the Corn Dogs

Eat Corn Dogs and Not Your Words

Mark Quemada

Shit’s been getting pretty real in Portland food media lately. The sudden closure of a two-Becky-owned burrito joint has caused indignant accusations of cultural appropriation (both from the “how dare you, sir” and “what’s the big deal” sides), widening the rift between SJWs and white supremacists. A prominent restaurant blogger publishes his Best of/Most Overrated list, drawing a veritable Player Haters’ Ball, with people taking potshots at the unsuspecting winners and losers on said list and others grabbing their popcorn and settling in to watch it all go down. Oregon’s Largest Newspaper blithely implies that a local pizza joint uses pot and/or butter in their sauce, and Portlanders can’t decide which allegation is more offensive.

Come on, people.

In these tense, contentious times of Portland food media, I think it’s important that we all remember that it’s just food. It’s just fucking food, man. It doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t have to be precious. It doesn’t even have to be good. It’s okay if we don’t take it all so seriously all the time.

Before all this nonsense broke out, I’d written a silly little corn dog power ranking. For those of you suffering from outrage fatigue, I hope you enjoy.

Rabbit Jambalaya

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT YOU GUYS! I’m now creating content and developing recipes for @nicky.usa’s new retail line! So I get to play with lots of beautiful meats and share with you all the dishes I come up with! For my first post, I wanted to use rabbit since it comes straight from Nicky Farms (and because I’m a nostalgic softy; it’s the first Nicky product I ever used about a decade ago). So I made this jambalaya with Carolina gold rice, andouille, the Holy Trinity (onions, celery, bell pepper), garlic, diced tomatoes, and homemade chicken stock that I simmered with the bunny carcass after butchering. My favorite part of home butchery is that I get the liver, heart, and kidneys to make the rice “dirty.” Parsley from the garden to go on top. Stay tuned for more dishes and recipes featuring the delicious meats from my friends at Nicky! #dinnertonight #meatconcierge #nickyfarms . . . . #rabbit #jambalaya #neworleans #food #foodpics #foodstagram #f52grams #huffposttaste #bareaders #food52

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I’m available to do more of this kind of work for other food folks — shoot me an email!