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You Do Make Friends With Salad

View this post on Instagram Roasted ‘bull’s blood’ beets, red d’anjou pears; ‘purple frills’ mustard leaves, fennel fronds, Korean sesame and red perilla from the garden; cambazola cheese; walnut oil and brown turkey fig shrub; @jacobsensaltco Pinot Noir salt and grains of paradise. Aka a […]

Pumpkin Congee with Water Buffalo Sausage

View this post on Instagram #WildAboutGame pregaming at home with my spin on the ever-popular butternut squash risotto: pumpkin congee cooked in chicken-corn cob stock, with five spice water buffalo sausage from @nicky.usa (get it? instead of lap cheong), woodear mushroom, pepitas, fried elephant garlic […]

Kimcheese Grits

Fig Slatko

Slatko is an Eastern European-style (usually fruit) preserve where the fruit (or sometimes baby pine cones, like you do) are suspended in a thick syrup. My tree has produced a lot of fruit this year, so I put up some of it like this. View […]

Hobak Buchim, Or How to Disappear a Grip of Zucchini

The zucchini are beginning to pile up, so I disappeared a couple of them the best way I know how: hobak buchim (Korean zucchini fritters). I shredded two kind of big zucchini (then salted to leach out the excess water), added some beaten egg, scallions, […]

Canning and foraging and such

USDA National Agricultural Library, 1915

I was on The Four Top recently talking about canning, fermenting, and foraging with a few outstanding women. Have a listen!

(And yes, the human belly button does contain the same flora used in cheese making.)

Chicken Shawarma Doner Sandwich

Seriously, this beautiful sandwich has been the highlight of my entire summer. Find the original bread recipe here. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. 🥪 🥙 🥪After braising that chicken into garlicky pulchritude, I shredded and tossed it in lemon juice and a […]

Larb Ped (Duck Salad)

Larb ped made with @maryschicken Pekin duck breasts. I smoked them over trimmings off my peach tree just long enough for the fat to render from the skin, then peeled the skin off and crisped it up on the grill (with a pan underneath to […]

Me and Francis Lam = BFF

Holy shit I was on The Splendid (Fucking) Table!! Francis Lam chatted with me about how chilies spread around the world, and I only stammered and choked a few times. Have a listen!

Marionberry White Sangria

My recipe for marionberry white sangria is up at the Oregon Raspberries and Blackberries website. Check it out! (And in case you geek out on berries like I do, I also wrote their history section.)