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Elderflower Jelly

I even floated a few flowers in the jars to make it extra fae. Made a dozen ha’pints of elderflower jelly from the blossoms on my Black Lace and black elderberry bushes. It’s the prettiest shade of pink, smells and tastes like heaven. 🌸 🎀 […]

Learn to Ferment Foods at My House!

Ever wanted to learn a few basics of home fermentation, like making your own Jewish deli-style dill pickles, grainy mustard, or even kimchi? I can teach you how! I’m offering basic classes all summer long in my beautiful historic farmhouse kitchen right in the middle […]

A Collation of Indian Foods

I made saag paneer completely from scratch and it is so much better than anything I’ve had in restaurants (a testament to the overall lack of great Indian food in Portland more than my cooking prowess, but freshness goes a long way). The boar korma (boarma?) will definitely be revisited, and the sourdough naan was totally worth the trouble, even though I baked it on a cast iron flat top instead of a tandoor.

I made a veritable feast of Indian food tonight! Clockwise from upper left: cucumber raita, mint-cilantro chutney, aloo gobi masala, rice, homemade sourdough rye nan, masoor dal, and the centerpiece: boar korma with @nicky.usa wild boar stew meat, @bollywoodtheaterpdx pomegranate-Darjeeling pale ale and about a million spices. Since I was serving this to my little bird (who can’t handle too much heat) I left out the chile and just doused my own plate with @spicymarshall Serrano-lemongrass sauce, which was the perfect pairing. 🍛🥘 🍖🍚🌱 🍞🥔🌶#meatconcierge #wildboar #feralswine #boar #pork #indianfood #aloogobi #wildgame #korma #masala #nan #dal #vegetarian #chutney #mint #bread #stew #food52 #f52grams #instafood #bonappetit #beer #portlandoregon #homecooking #spice #raita #yogurt #foodstagram #instafood #huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood

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Blackberry Jam Cake with White Chocolate Chips

Funny story: I put this cake together because my family accidentally opened a second jar of my homemade/homegrown Chester blackberry jam when there was a full jar already in the fridge. And by the looks of it, this is gonna be another good berry year, […]

Muscat Love

If you can swing it, make this with a strong, top-quality honey (I use Old Raw Blue Honey’s dreamy pumpkin honey) and a really grassy olive oil. Recipe after the jump. Second draft of this polenta grape cake — this one with a little less […]

The Full Piero

Had a bag of homemade pierogi in the freezer from a few months ago, and like an idiot I thawed them out! They all melted into a solid goopy pile, and I shook with frustration and anguish. But then luckily the smart part of my brain, the one that fixes instead of ruins, told me to pan-fry them all as one large cake, and now I don’t know why anyone would ever bother fussing with tiny pierogi ever again. The golden-crispy cake was all pockets of sauerkraut, caramelized onion, mashed potatoes and quark, interlaced with tender dumpling dough, which cooked beautifully in the steamy heat of the pan. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m really proud of my resourcefulness on this one! 💡 🦊 💡 🦊#pierogi #dumpling #evilgenius #wastenotwantnot #goodsave #flowers #dinner #vegetarian #polishfood (emphasis on the “ish”) #foodstagram #instafood #food52 #f52grams #huffposttaste #bonappetit #instayum #prettyfood

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Emmer-Stuffed Quail with Soubise and Cranberry Gastrique

Can’t stop thinking about @grahamchaney’s gorgeous second course at the berry dinner at @stammtischpdx a week ago, so I faithfully reproduced it myself at home: @manchesterquail (partially deboned to make it easy) stuffed with emmer wheat berries that I cooked in homemade chicken stock and […]

Russian Tea Party

Made a lovely selection of zakuski for afternoon tea with @onstad and @lifeandmarmalade yesterday — from the top: roasted peppers in adjika and krestianskaya sausage (both store-bought from Roman Russian Market), white cheddar, mustard, turmeric pickled eggs, pickled beets, homegrown cornichons, dark rye, tomato-cucumber salad, […]


Marmalade Cake with Campari Icing

Here’s my cake version of an Americano (a lovely apéritif coming into warmer weather). This could be more Negroni-ish with the addition of juniper berry extract (or could be brushed with gin before icing), but the orange and vermouth fragrance are just lovely with this […]