Sous Vide Venison and Warm Kamut Salad

This venison is ridiculously good, but the salad? Five stars, would visit again.

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Practice the gentle art of seduction by staying in to cook for that special someone (or #treatyoself) with this sexy plate: first, call up your homies at @nicky.usa — they’ve got the hookups on this lean and flavorful rack of @makawelimeatcompany Hawaiian venison. Next, marinate it overnight in a bag of Nicky’s game salt, garlic, olive oil, fresh thyme, rosemary, chives, and sliced apples. Then either sear it rare or, even better, chuck the whole bag into a pot of water and cook it sous vide. I admit I’ve been a skeptic but I got an @anovaculinary precision cooker for Christmas, and I have to admit, it was pretty nice to just walk away from this for three hours without worrying. (Since I’m a whore for the Maillard reaction I did give it a quick sear on the outside.) As you can see, the meat came out BEAUTIFULLY. 🌺 🦌 🌺 🦌This winter salad is delicious and simple, too: it’s just Kamut cooked in a light pork stock with garlic and thyme, then tossed with roasted baby asparagus, shaved black radish, torn radicchio, pistachios and goat cheese, dressed in lemon juice, good olive oil, a little blub of @oldbluerawhoney pumpkin blossom honey, and a few pinches of @jacobsensaltco Pinot noir salt crunched over the top. 🦌 🌺 🦌 🌺#meatconcierge #venison #wildgame #eatwild #valentinesday #romance #instafood #instagood #instayum #meat #ancientgrains #kamut #wintersalad #wheat #dinner #hawaiian #asparagus #foodstagram #food52 #f52grams #sexy #homecooking

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